Outlook mail merge attachment (OMMA)


Outlook Mail Merge Attachment supplies mail merge process in Microsoft Office Word and Outlook with the functionality to add an attachment.

How the script works

The script should be works as follows. First, you set Microsoft Outlook to work offline, this way the emails are stored in the Outbox but not actually send. Then you perform the mail merge using Microsoft Word as you are used to. All merged emails are now stored in the Outlook Outbox. Then you run the script, 'outlook mail merge attachment.vbs', which adds an attachment to all emails in the Outbox. To send you emails, you simply set Outlook to work Online again.

The scipt works as follows. After attaching the file to the email in the outbox, it opens the emails one by one and types ALT+S, which is the keystroke to send an email. A error will occur when the OMMA script is not able to open the emails in the outbox and to activate (give focus to) the window with the email.

Outlook configuration

Known issues, just double-check

The ALT+S Test

Please check whether the ALT+S key-combination sends the email in your configuration.
  1. Open an email message in Outlook
  2. Type simultaneously ALT and S
Now, the email should be send.

If the ALT+S keystroke does not send the email:

If the problem remains

You might want to try the free MergeTools software from Doug Robbins, which provides more functionality than OMMA. Find it at his Skydrive.

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